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Amazon Western

Welcome to the New West, where the Nature Laws dictate who lives and dies by the way they treat the land, carnivorous horses and blood trees are accepted mutations courtesy of the sky rocks, and the Impact Zone separates the earth-friendly territories of the West from a more sophisticated, steam-powered East. Women are rare commodities, living in extended families with more than one husband, and children are a necessity in a world where sterility is often the norm. Life is full of challenge, romance and adventure. Something four courageous, wounded Amazons will find out firsthand.

Between the Shadows

Nachzehrer, revenant, vrykolakas. Known by their many tribal names across the world, vampires have two major things in common: they detest anyone not a vampire, and they loath those outside their own clans. Cursed long ago to check their growing power, vampires can only coexist in small groups. Yet despite their many conflicts, those Of the Bloode possess similar traits. All vampires, no matter where they came from, are male. They can go unnoticed by humans unless they wish otherwise, and they can’t survive sunlight.

And they are the immortal goddess Hecate’s secret weapon. Though they refuse to worship anything but themselves, she loves their wild ways. In order to fight gods and monsters and survive, they’ll need ferocity, inner strength, and something to fight for. Because there is nothing so dangerous as a predator who loves, and those Of the Bloode protect what’s theirs at all costs, in undeath and beyond.

Circe's Recruits

In the three years since Project Dawn disbanded, Roane, Zack, Ace, Derrick, and Hale continue to fight the good fight. Now civilians, their squad–Circe’s Recruits–works for a private organization bent on cleaning up the mess left in the wake of Project Dawn’s rebirth. Pearson Labs continues to create Circs, people who have been genetically changed. When needed, these Circs take on an altered form, one neither man nor animal, but something in between. The females are particularly fierce, and it’s up to Circe’s Recruits to tame them, using any means necessary.

Circe's Recruits 2.0

Neither human nor animal, but something in between. And these Circs are hungry…

When the government shut down the original Circ project, they ended the tampering of human genetics to create supersoldiers. Or so they thought. Not all the rogue scientists disappeared. Dr. Edwin Lang thinks he’s perfected his new serum. With EL13, his Circs will be stronger, more cunning, and psychic. A new breed of mercenaries that will fund his cutting edge science. The problem is his test subjects aren’t willing.

Circe's Recruits 2.0: Gideon by Marie Harte
GideonBook 1
Circe's Recruits 2.0 ALEX by Marie Harte
AlexBook 2

Cougar Falls

The town of Cougar Falls in anything but typical. In a place where mountain men hiss like predatory cats and woman have a habit of literally flying off the handle, a rich past complements an uncertain future. The Ac-taw, a legendary tribe of shapeshifters, lives and breathes in Cougar Falls. Protected by a mystical totem, Shifters live in a fluctuating state of peace together. Prides and clans of mountain lions, bears, raptors, foxes and gray wolves love, lust and irritate the hell out of each other on a daily basis. Just another day in the beautiful Montana wilderness, where anything’s possible and everything’s probable.


In the Vrail System, life is determined by the gods and by the universe. Mankind should not Create. The Eyran War of 2845 showed as much, when Creations–beings Created by man–wiped through thousands of Eyran citizens. Though designed to serve, something went terribly wrong in their construction. The first batch had to be told to breathe. The second turned into monstrous killers with a thirst for destruction.  A thousand years later, Creations are killed on sight…unless they blend in. Unless they try to live among the rest of humanity, in plain sight.

Cross Step

In the year 2078, Cross Step, Kansas is home to the Voids. Each twenty feet tall and just as wide, the three large wormholes appeared out of nowhere a hundred years ago. No one knows where they lead to, only that unearthly creatures from different worlds pour through them from time to time. Rumor has it a race known as the Dekken are devouring civilizations out in the vast universe, and that if Earth isn’t careful, they may be next. But the citizens of Cross Step have more to worry about than mere speculation. Humans have to interact with the chaos of races constantly in conflict with one another. Let the games begin

Namesake by Marie Harte
NamesakeBook 1

Dawn Endeavor

Genetic manipulation has created the first super soldier, the Circ. Able to transform into hulking, inhuman beasts at will, the second generation of Circs, under Project Dawn Endeavor, is much more dangerous than the first. Psychically gifted, the secret four-man team who once worked for the Navy now belongs to the mysterious Mrs. Sharpe. Bent on cleaning up science gone wrong around the globe, Mrs. Sharpe sends the men of Dawn Endeavor out on behalf of the United States government. But there’s more to her agenda than patriotism.  If only the team knew what she really had planned…

Ethereal Foes

In the ordinary world, forces are at work which keep the balance of the universe in order. Enter the Sinclairs, higher demons with a mission—to sway those souls on the brink of Decision, to push them toward heaven or toward hell, as they are meant to go. But an amusing prank has unintended results. Now debts must be paid to those who’ve been wronged, be they dragon, demon, angel… or worse.

Life in the Vrail

Ludos Deorum

Ludos Deorum–the Games of the Gods–has come again. Every few centuries, the many pantheons in existence come together to challenge for supremacy. Old rivalries surge as new alliances are borne. Only one pantheon–and one god–can ultimately win. With the mortal realms as their game board and humans as their pawns, the gods are ready to compete against one another. Who will win? And who will lose more than just a game

Mark of Lycos

The Wolf in the Forest is a giver of life. The wolves in her woods are strong, lethal, and ever-changing. With her help, they’ll continue to persevere through struggles and troubles to revel in all the joys life has to offer.Because as nature intended, the world needs a place where animal and man come together as one. The Wolf in the Forest isn’t alone.The Bear in the Cave, The Fox in the Den and the other great animal spirits have plans for their creations. But harmony isn’t always the answer when it comes to making their stubborn charges fall in line, and in love.

Storm Lords

The land of Tanselm will fall to evil if four identical princes wielding elemental powers fail to find their intended brides. Thrust into the parallel realm of earth to escape death and ensure a future for their world, they have one mission and one mission only–to find their destined mates.

Talson Temptations

In the year 2109, aliens and humans coexist on Earth. The Otra, aliens who originally landed in Mexico, have become intra-universal traders helping the world’s economy. They look human enough, but when they utilize their psychic powers, their eyes turn a startling shade of silver. Their rumored skills at lovemaking are more than desired, though alien sentiment isn’t all that popular among humans.

The Talsons combine the best of both worlds, human and Otra. As the four Talson brother enter that time in their lives known as The Testing—when a male readies to bond forever to a special female—their lives are in upheaval. The women meant for the Talsons will lead them on a merry chase. Human, Otra, and a mix of both, these future mates don’t bend to a man’s will…unless they want to. Let the love games begin.

Note: this series has m/f and m/m/f interactions, a few scenes of violence, and includes sexy aliens and erotic content.  

The Instinct

In the future, Earth isn’t the only inhabitable planet anymore. The resort on planet Ussed is a tourist attraction known far and wide throughout the galaxies. It’s a pleasure haven, home of beautiful people, flora, fauna, and fascinating vistas–the most intriguing being the barbarians who work as security for the resort. There’s a treaty keeping the tourists and the natives separate. Until the barbarians realize the women of Earth might just be worth breaking a few treaties for.

Westlake Enterprises

Westlake Enterprise is one of the best investigative firms in Savannah. Known for their ability to close a case, there’s nothing they won’t handle. Psychic abilities run strong in the agents on call, and their agents don’t know the meaning of failure. With friends in the government, the police force, and in businesses across the country, there’s not much to stand in the way of the firm’s success. Unless Buchanan Investigations is involved. The only other psychic securities firm of its like. Lately, Westlake’s and Buchanan’s cases have their agents butting heads. It wouldn’t be so bad, except Jurek Westlake is suddenly losing his agents to…marriage.

Single Title