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Talson's Match

Talson's Match by Marie Harte

Romec Talson is the last of his brothers to find a mate, and he’s in no hurry. So it’s a relief to check on the strange progress of one of the family’s shipping terminals on Earth, away from the manipulations of his happily mated siblings. The last thing he expects to encounter at Port Chase is the woman of his dreams. A supposed human glaring at him with dark eyes–Otra, alien eyes. And then there are her accusations that Talson Shipping is running an illegal drug trade.

Tara Drake has no idea why the stranger at her door makes her hot and bothered, but if he works for the Talsons, she wants no part of him. Unfortunately, her body has a will of its own. Learning she’s not human is just the beginning of the surprises coming her way. Because love has no rhyme or reason in the face of fate, Tara must make a choice to accept her destiny or deny herself true happiness.

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