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The Storm Lords, four identical princes who wield elemental powers, must find brides in the mundane world in order to save their magical kingdom. But the women they find in the strange city of Seattle aren’t quite what they expected.

Join Darius, the Prince of Fire, as he meets his match in a human woman who’s much more than she seems.

I’m Darius Storm, one of four identical princes meant to protect my kingdom. Evil has come, and my brothers and I are thrust far away, into a world not our own.

As the prince of fire, I burn hot. Angry and impatient to go home, I’m tired of being reminded I can only return with a bride in hand to restore our magic.

The women here lack power. Or so I thought. Because Samantha is unlike any woman I’ve ever met, and she sets me on fire in more ways than one.

Leaving her world is the only way she can help save mine. But falling in love might just kill us both.


  1. Hello, I love your books but would appreciate if you can note on re-releases whether there are significant changes to the book(s) as I have previously purchased this series.

    • Hey Nicola. You make a good point! I’ll amend that with the new Storm Lords books. The stories are the same, but I feel like they are substantially different because you get a deeper glimpse of the characters’ feelings since they are in 1st POV. You know, I’ll make sure to include more in the excerpt so you can get a better feel and decide if you want the new versions or are content with the older ones. Great input. Thank you!!!

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