New Release!

I’m so excited! WINTER’S THAW is here!

I wrote this as part of a Christmas anthology, Shifter Christmas Howlidays, which came out last year. But when I wrote it the first novella, it felt like something was missing. So I wrote another. I edited, moved things around, and bam, the book released. But I ended up with two great love stories and decided to put them together. Kind of like the movie Clue, with different endings. Except my characters come together in two separate stories from beginning to end.

One great romance done two ways! Enjoy this warm, sexy, shifter holiday romance. Where handsome, foxy Gerald finally meets his match in a strong woman who does things her way.

Winter's Thaw by Marie Harte

‘Tis the season to get furry!

Welcome to Cougar Falls, where one sexy fox gets on a sweet grizzly’s naughty list just in time for Christmas.

Saving attorney and fox shifter Gerald Winter from angry raptors should be Deputy Laura Novak’s good deed for the season. But trapped with Gerald during a storm, she’s feeling a lot less than happy for the holidays.

Gerald should be miserable, stuck in a rustic cabin with his nemesis over Christmas. But somehow, the woman he always butts heads with has become sweet, beautiful, and a lot more than a growly grizzly.

As they grow closer and the mating instinct rises, they’ll have to decide if their feelings can overcome assumptions. That’s if the danger waiting for them doesn’t end things before they can begin.

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