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Reading Order for Connected Series

Many of Marie’s books are connected. To make it easier (for those who like to read in order), here’s a list of related titles:


The McCauley Brothers series (2014)

  • The Troublemaker Next Door
  • How to Handle a Heartbreaker
  • Ruining Mr. Perfect
  • What to Do with a Bad Boy (introduces mechanics in Body Shop Bad Boys series)

Body Shop Bad Boys series (Del’s mechanics from What to Do with a Bad Boy)

  • Test Drive (2016)
  • Roadside Assistance (2016)
  • Zero to Sixty (2017)
  • Collision Course (2018)

The Kissing Game (standalone book, roughly connected to Body Shop Bad Boys, McCauley Brothers, and The Donnigans) 2020

The Donnigans series (cousins to the McCauleys)

  • A Sure Thing  (2016)  (the gym Landon and his brother go to is from The Works series)
  • Just the Thing (2017)
  • The Only Thing (2018)

All I Want for Halloween (standalone book, roughly connected to the Donnigans–heroine Sadie is cousins with Ava–star of A Sure Thing) 2017

The Works series (books 2 and 3 border on erotic; series was written prior to The Donnigans)

  • Bodywork (rereleased 2016)
  • Working Out  (rereleased 2016)  (Mac, the owner of Jameson’s gym, featured)
  • Wetwork (2014)

Veteran Movers series (2019)

(these moving men live in Seattle and cross paths with other characters)

  • The Whole Package (Janurary 2019)
  • Smooth Moves (May 2019)
  • Handle with Care (Augusst 2019)
  • Delivered with a Kiss (December 2019)

Turn Up the Heat

(these firefighters are introduced in The Kissing Game but are standalone books)

  • Make Me Burn (May 2021)
  • Burning Desire (August 2021)
  • Hot for You (December 2021)
  • Turn Up the Heat (March 2022)


Circe’s Recruits series (Marine shapeshifters rereleased in 2015)

  • Roane
  • Zack & Ace
  • Derrick
  • Hale (SEALs of Dawn Endeavor series are introduced)

Dawn Endeavor series

  • Fallon’s Flame
  • Hayashi’s Hero
  • Julian’s Jeopardy
  • Gunnar’s Game (introduces psychics from PowerUp! series)
  • Grayson’s Gamble


(psychics introduced in Dawn Endeavor series)

  • The Lost Locket
  • RetroCog
  • Whispered Words
  • Fortune’s Favor
  • Flight of Fancy
  • Silver Tongue
  • Entranced
  • Killer Thoughts

Circe’s Recruits 2.0 series

  • Gideon (ties in with Circe’s Recruits yet standalone series)
  • Alec
  • Elijah (coming soon)
  • Carter (coming soon)


Life in the Vrail series

  • Lurin’s Surrender (rerelease 2015)
  • Thief of Mardu (rerelease 2016)  (introduces Rafe, lead in The Perfect Creation)
  • Engaging Gren (rerelease 2017)
  • Seriana Found (rerelease 2017)

Creations series

  • The Perfect Creation (rerelease 2017)
  • Creation’s Control  (rerelease 2017)
  • Creating Chemistry  (rerelease 2017)
  • Caging the Beast  (rerelease 2017)