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Talson Temptations

In the year 2109, aliens and humans coexist on Earth. After the last great war, the U.S. has civilized and learned to live together. They’ve also come up with the perfect plan to deal with the national debt–indentured service. The Otra, aliens who originally landed in Mexico, have become intra-universal traders helping the world’s economy. They look human enough, but when they utilize their psychic powers, their eyes turn a startling shade of silver. Their rumored skills at lovemaking are more than desired, explaining why alien sentiment isn’t too popular among most human men.

The Talsons combine the best of both worlds, human and Otra. And the four Talson brothers have entered that time in their lives known as The Testing, when a male readies to bond forever to that special female. But the women meant for the Talsons will lead them on a merry chase. Human, Otra, and a mix of both, these future Talsons don’t bend to a man’s will…unless they want to. Time for the games to begin