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Beasts of Burden

Beasts of Burden by Marie Harte

A Ludos Deorum story

Welcome to the Games of the Gods

Pulling a chariot for the goddess Freya is no picnic, but Hall and Avarr don’t mind protecting her from all harm. They’re waiting because they’ve been promised a rich reward for their loyalty—Eira, a stubborn valkyrie who drives them to distraction. Unfortunately, they’ve been told they can’t have her until they’re ready. And they’ve been ready for fifty years.

Eira is disappointed that Freya’s huge guards are so dull. They won’t fight, they barely talk, and to her knowledge they’ve never used a bow or spear. It’s embarrassing, and such a waste of two such mighty specimens. But when she spies them having at each other, suddenly they’re not so boring. Or embarrassing. They’re freakin’ hot. When they unleash an enormous rage on Freya’s enemies, proving they really are the bad-asses of legend, she’s not sure that boring is bad. Because they’ve set their sights on her. And battle cats have been known to toy with their prey…for an eternity.

Note: this is a M/M/F menage, where everyone is touching everyone. Enjoy!