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A Familiar Face

A Familiar Face by Marie Harte

Trade witch Mallory West is a heartbeat from losing her rent-controlled apartment, susses spells for a living, and can’t afford a decent familiar.  In an effort to ease her financial hardship, she works part-time waiting tables. Late one night after working an unexpected shift, she receives an invitation from her boss to take a rest upstairs n the exclusive Lounge.  Drawn to a mysterious black door, she enters and takes a well deserved nap.

But the world to which she wakes is nothing like the one she left. The large, incredibly sexy gray-skinned warrior she meets could be her boss’s twin, but he’s the war leader of the Talians–a fierce race fighting desperately to survive a crushing enemy. Mallory’s sudden appearance stuns the wary Talians.

And they don’t tolerate surprises or those they think might be enemy spies well…at all.