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Between Bloode and Wolf

Between Bloode and Wolf by Marie Harte

What do a missing artifact, a sexy vampire in hot pursuit, and illegal death magic have in common?
Lycan berserker Riley Foster.

Berserker Riley Foster rescued her cousin from vampires chasing after her pack’s stolen artifact. Not long after, she’s forced to work alongside the powerful vamps to find said artifact—for their goddess?

Vampires don’t worship anything but themselves, but Kraft of the Night Bloode has been sent to recover a weird little wolf statue for his patron—the goddess, Hecate. Unfortunately, the lycans are playing games.

Kraft demands to work with their powerful berserker, who intrigues him to no end. She’s strong, beautiful, and lets no one push her around. Except her pack, who insists she mate before her hundredth birthday in just a few more weeks.

She’s on a deadline she doesn’t want to meet.

He’s falling for a “lesser being” who shouldn’t be anywhere on his radar.

When it comes to their common enemy, they’ve got even more problems. A rogue sorcerer is bent on creating something horrible with the artifact, and it’s up to Kraft and Riley to stop him before he brings forth monsters that even vampires and lycans dread. Riley will have to make a choice, between her future with her pack and her future with Kraft, a vampire who isn’t long for this world if she doesn’t make the right decision. Fast.