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Creation's Control

Creation's Control by Marie Harte

Two powerful men who are more than they seem
They need to be dominated, and to serve
It’s all about love and control

Now freed from the labs where he was created, tested, and tortured, Ryen can’t cope with the violent needs pressing him. The men on planet Mardu can’t fight worth a damn, and he can’t chance pleasure with women because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Then there’s Dreyk, always bugging him, pushing him, attracting him…?

Dreyk knows what it’s like to have the needs only a Creation can experience. With the help of some tough love, he’s sure he can show Ryen a measure of peace. In the process, he’ll find himself both the master and the servant when he submits to the connection growing between them and falls in love.

Note: this title has gotten a new cover and substantial edits