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STORM LORDS: Guardian's Redemption

Storm Lords: Guardian's Redemption by Marie Harte

The final book in the STORM LORDS series.

I am the Guardian of Storm and Killer of Shadow, a magic user more powerful than any my world has ever seen. Yet for all my power, I, Arim Valens, have never conquered my nemesis and ex-lover.

For three hundred years, we’ve battled. I’m a creature of Light. She’s a Dark Lord with real power.

Only one thing could bring us together. Tanselm—our magical world, is dying. We’ll both risk it all to save our sentient land.

Even if it means revisiting the past. It will take all my power and compassion to heal hurts both old and new, and to redeem myself in the eyes of the only woman I’ve ever truly loved. Before it’s too late.

NOTE: This series has been extensively revised from the old version.