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The Spooky Season

I love this time of year, when Halloween is right around the corner, and the leaves are turning red, orange, and yellow and falling to the ground. Autumn is here, and so are some spooky romance reads! Well, they aren’t exactly scary, but there’s some fun Halloween in them for you.

In All I Want for Halloween, Sadie has an interesting run-in with a devil at a costume party. And he turns out to be just as devilishly sexy in real life. (contemporary m/f)

All I Want for Halloween by Marie Harte

When the Starrs Align has feline familiar Regan on the run from twin warlocks close to ascending to their true power…but only with the right woman at their sides. (paranormal m/f/m)

When the Starrs Align

And in Mirror, Mirror, Mandy takes a dare from her best frenemy Linc, to stay in a haunted house overnight. But the ghost has some fun in store for the pair, and Mandy’s not the only one enjoying some ghostly attention. (paranormal m/m/f)

Mirror Mirror by Marie Harte

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