We Hit the USA Today Bestseller List!

Big news! I recently found out that A Taste of Decadence, my bundle along with Lexi Blake, Cari Quinn, Carrie Ann Ryan, and Jayne Rylon, has hit the USA Today Bestseller list at #105!! It’s very exciting, and wow, now I REALLY need to get cracking on finishing book four of my contemporary series, so I can get back to writing more ebooks, in particular, Wetwork, the third book in The Works series. (Note: Bodywork was my contribution in A Taste of Decadence.)

ATasteOfDecadenceBook 1


3 Responses to We Hit the USA Today Bestseller List!

  1. Chaoscat

    Congrats! That’s awesome!

  2. Taryn Kincaid

    Whoooohooooo!! Congrats, all!

  3. Julie

    Way to go – congratulations!

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