New Covers! the WICKED WARRENS are Back!

Enjoying the Show by Marie Harte

One of my earliest, and to be honest, one of my favorite series that's just fun, sexy, and funny, are my Wicked Warrens books. Enjoying the Show is the book that got me into Samhain Publishing. The book was an Amazon bestseller way back when, and it actually stirred a literary agent from a big house to contact me.... Read More ➝

Delayed Monday… A Circ Excerpt

Circe's Recruits 2.0 ELIJAH by Marie Harte

It's nearly two in the afternoon and I thought I'd post. I'm still wrapping up the first in my new series for Sourcebooks. I've also been kicking around new stories, as well as writing the end of my Circe's Recruits 2.0 series. I don't often work on two projects at once, but with February being a short month and... Read More ➝

Reviews for JUST THE THING

Just the Thing

The reviews are in for JUST THE THING! It's a winner! But of course, I already knew that. And yes, I'm biased. LOL

An Amazon Best Romance Book of the Month for July


From RT Book Reviews, 5 Stars, Gold "The sultry sex and seduction scenes are just the icing on this incredibly rich and satisfying cake. Readers will sit down,... Read More ➝

A WARRIOR’S CLAIMING: An Exclusive Excerpt

A Warrior's Claiming by Marie Harte

A new excerpt from my upcoming scifi erotic romance, A WARRIOR'S CLAIMING. 

BLURB: Arghet doesn’t know what to make of the new addition to the clan. Skehl is huge, an indomitable warrior with a berserker’s power. Once part of a hated enemy clan, he’s watched carefully. Somehow Arghet finds himself having to look after the beast. He has... Read More ➝

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