The Wicked Warrens Series Status

Enjoying the Show by Marie Harte

The Wicked Warrens series is right up there with my McCauley Brothers books as my bestselling series to date. The Wicked Warrens comprise three brothers, and two of their friends, who find love amidst laughter and friendship. The books are category in length and fairly steamy, so if you haven't read them, be prepared.

The books were with a distributor... Read More ➝

Circe’s Recruits 2.0 Update

What's New?


This is a long-overdue explanation of where my series Circe's Recruits 2.0 stands. And no, CR 2.0: Elijah did not release July 23rd...

Circe's Recruits released from Loose Id in November of 2008. It's a paranormal, polyamorous romance about a "pack" of government created shapeshifters. The story revolves around one hero and one heroine, but everyone is intimated... Read More ➝

Talsons Update

Talson's Net by Marie Harte

Happy Tuesday. Updates on the Talson Temptation series for you. I had meant to broadly distribute my Talson Temptations scifi romance series as of Feb 14th. Unfortunately, I hadn't checked the block that said I was taking them off Kindle Unlimited! Gah!!!  So now I am automatically enrolled for another 3 months of having the books only at... Read More ➝

Updated Release Schedule

Dragons' Demon by Marie Harte

You might have noticed the shiny new covers for my Ethereal Foes series, a sexy paranormal series that released with Samhain. I have the rights back to many of my older titles,and I've been trying like mad to get them back out while also writing new material. I'm also working with a new distribution partner and have changed around... Read More ➝

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