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Talsons Update

Talson's Net by Marie Harte

Happy Tuesday. Updates on the Talson Temptation series for you. I had meant to broadly distribute my Talson Temptations scifi romance series as of Feb 14th. Unfortunately, I hadn't checked the block that said I was taking them off Kindle Unlimited! Gah!!!  So now I am automatically enrolled for another 3 months of having the books only at... Read More ➝

Updated Release Schedule

Dragons' Demon by Marie Harte

You might have noticed the shiny new covers for my Ethereal Foes series, a sexy paranormal series that released with Samhain. I have the rights back to many of my older titles,and I've been trying like mad to get them back out while also writing new material. I'm also working with a new distribution partner and have changed around... Read More ➝

Working On It! #Giveaway

Any Given Snow Day by Marie Harte

Ah, formatting. The bane of my existence. Starting out 2018, I had pledged to myself to start putting my ebook titles into print. As of the end of 2017, only Bodywork and Working Out, two self-published titles, had a print version as well. I had intended for Any Given Snow Day to go to print, so I've been working... Read More ➝

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