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Updated Release Schedule

You might have noticed the shiny new covers for my Ethereal Foes series, a sexy paranormal series that released with Samhain. I have the rights back to many of my older titles,and I’ve been trying like mad to get them back out while also writing new material. I’m also working with a new distribution partner and have changed around my release schedule to accommodate older and newer releases for readers.

The Ethereal Foes books center around demons and dragons from the lower realm. The stories are sexy and fun novellas and short novels with new wonderful covers from the very talented Erin Dameron-Hill. I can’t wait to share my naughty dragons and demons with you once more. Note: the covers have changed, but the stories are the same.

ETHEREAL FOES: In the ordinary world, forces are at work which keep the balance of the universe in order. Enter the Sinclairs, higher demons with a mission—to sway those souls on the brink of Decision, to push them toward heaven or toward hell, as they are meant to go. But an amusing prank has unintended results. Now debts must be paid to those who’ve been wronged, be they dragon, demon, angel… or worse.  Series Link



  1. Why has Circe 2.0 Elijah been pushed back again? Is the story not finished? I was more interested in him and Carter’s story than Alex, (which I enjoyed by the way, although I kinda thought Alex would end up in a situation more like Hale’s). Should I now reset my reminder for August? Or is this date tentative as well and subject to change or more than likely to change?

    • Hi Alyx. Yes, the rest of Circe’s Recruits 2.0 has been pushed back again. I hate it, but it’s necessary. I’ve gotten so many old titles back to me that almost half of what should be available for release isn’t. To fix that problem, I started working with a new distribution site that’s helping me figure out the best/smartest way to release titles, both new and older. To fit in a few older series (Ethereal Foes, Wicked Warrens, Cougar Falls–17 titles) with my newer ones this year..

  2. (cont’d) namely Collision Course and The Only Thing, of which I have no control over release dates, I had to reconfigure my schedule this year. So long story short, the series WILL finish this fall. Period. End of story. I truly apologize for moving them around again. I love Eli and Carter, and they have a lot of action to get through to find their HEA’s. But the stories are coming. My newsletter and this website are updated/have updates. So yes, Aug and Sept for the conclusion of CR2.0. ?

  3. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I really enjoy your Circe Universe, and I have read those Circe 1.0 and Dawn Endeavour Series stories over and over again. I got excited when I saw you return to this Universe because I know I will get value for my money.

    I will just have to wait until August/September, Good luck with your future plans for re-releasing. I hope new fans discover you and old fans who may have left return.

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