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Talsons Update

Happy Tuesday. Updates on the Talson Temptation series for you. I had meant to broadly distribute my Talson Temptations scifi romance series as of Feb 14th. Unfortunately, I hadn’t checked the block that said I was taking them off Kindle Unlimited! Gah!!!  So now I am automatically enrolled for another 3 months of having the books only at Amazon.

Well, I have since learned my lesson. As of mid-May, the books will be distributed elsewhere as well as Amazon. I apologize for my mistake. But the good news for Kindle Unlimited subscribers is you have another three months to read these books for free (not really since you’re paying for the subscription, but you understand what I mean  🙂 ) and then the books will no longer be KU. Enjoy!

Talson Temptations by Marie Harte

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