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Samhain is Closed–What Does That Mean, Exactly?

Samhain Publishing is officially closed. Of the 25 titles I had with them, all are now homeless, to include the as yet unpublished second and not-yet-written third book in my new romantic suspense series, Triggerman Inc. Note: the release on these books has been postponed.

So what does this mean for my books? 

I will have them all back out, but I can’t say when or with whom they’ll be published. My initial thought had been to re-release my titles myself. After all, the books have already been edited. I just need new covers and new formatting. Which is a HUGE PAIN and time-suck. Not that I can’t do it. I’m already doing that with several other scifi romance titles I’d like to keep control of, but with so many paranormal and contemporary books, I’m not sure that’s the best option for my Samhain titles.

I’m currently waiting to hear back from a few places about interest in the books. When I can, I’ll let you all know the status of my series. The Wicked Warrens were my bestsellers (followed closely by my Cougar Falls books.) The Wicked Warrens are also the precursors to my contemporary career with Sourcebooks. I’m sorry they’re no longer out there, but rest assured I have plans to have all my books once again available to readers. 

In the meantime, you can look forward to the re-release of these science fiction and paranormal romances:



  1. I sincerely hope you will get the rest of the Triggerman Series out. Truly enjoyed the characters and story line for Contract Signed, hate cliffhangers. Since I’ve signed up on Amazon to follow you, hope we will hear about them soon.

    • Thanks, VR. I’ll fill you in as soon as I know more. Right now the books have a few options for publications, so when I know more I’ll update the website and via my newsletter. Book 2 is already written. Book 3 is already planned and ready to go as soon as I get done a few other projects. For sure this series will NOT be orphaned.

  2. I would like to continue to read your eternal foes books and really hope you can get them out there again! I enjoyed the first two but took a small break and when I came back around to finish the books I was surprised that it looked like I couldn’t find them anymore. I hope you can keep us all updated on where you are in the processes.

    • Thanks, Deedee. I love that series too. It’s been tough trying to get the books back out, as I’m waiting on publishers and trying to decide whether to release them myself or go with a publisher. I’m still on the fence about this series… But as soon as I know more, I’ll update the website and let you know!

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