My Review of John Wick, Chapter 2

My review of JOHN WICK CHAPTER TWO. Grade: A-

As I’m a very tough movie critic, it’s a huge deal for me to give a movie, and a sequel at that, anything above a C. (Note: I’m a fan of adventure, thrillers, horror, scifi and have no problem with gratuitous sex and violence. If you want something deep and cathartic and overemotional, you’ve come to the wrong place.)

If you loved the first John Wick movie, this one will thrill you! I was praying they wouldn’t ruin it, and they didn’t. But if they don’t make a third one, I will lose my mind.John_Wick_Chapter_Two

In a nutshell, the plot moves on from the last movie, so it really helps if you’ve seen that. In any case, there is a ton of violence. More than the first John Wick. This movie’s main bad buy isn’t as interesting, in my opinion, as the first, but he’s still a huge jackass you want to see eviscerated.

The movies had amazing stunts, visual beauty, and a fast pace. I liked that John Wick has grown in character, though he’s mostly buttoned-up. He made some choices that surprised me and that–oh man–have far reaching consequences. The world these assassins live in is broadened and continues to fascinate me. Love, love, love the stylistic details. Glam and guns and deadly chic. Very cool.

No dogs die in this movie. And his dog made quite a few appearances. Awesome.

If you want an action-packed movie high on adrenaline and thrills and low on quiet introspection, this is the movie for you. Rated R for MUCH violence.


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