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Kate Complete–New Release!

Finally! Amazon was once again holding back the release of another of my books, but after proving I do own the rights to part of the book’s content, KATE COMPLETE is now available!

KATE COMPLETE is a new novel. However, the first part of the book (Kate Undone) was released years ago with another publisher. It has since been extensively revised and reedited, and in addition, a new second half has been added to flesh out Kate’s happily ever after. I love Kellen. I hope you will too!

For more info, click here.  KATE COMPLETE

Kate Complete by Marie Harte
Cross Step 2


  1. Hi I’ve just read book 1 of Cross Step and on book 2. Really enjoying them.
    I saw somewhere that there’s another 2 books to come. Just wondering when they might be coming out? thanks so much 🙂

    • This is a very good question… I don’t know. LOL I’m wrapping up some other stuff, and I still have 2 vampire books to finish as well as a lingering Circe’s Recruits 2.0 series. But I did just get a new cover, so… maybe end of 2023 for Cross Step #3? I don’t know yet. Sorry. Terrible answer, I know.

  2. Just finished the audio books for the between the shadows series, SO GOOD!! Ellis Evans as narrator is incredible and I love the character/world building within the series. I’ve sent them to every friend I have encouraging them to listen so I can have someone to talk to about them! Now I’m not so patiently waiting for books 5 & 6 to come out.

    • Then I had better get writing!!! 🙂 I’m so glad you liked them. Yeah, Ellis Evans is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Khent’s story is next up, and it’ll be a doozy!

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