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Secrets Unsealed by Marie Harte

Brand new release, SECRETS UNSEALED, makes its debut today!

The second book in the Triggerman Inc. series, a standalone that also builds on book one, Secrets Unsealed follows Deacon--The Shadow--Shaw and Solene Hanson as the try to outwit assassins and stay live. But who is after them, and what does the baby have to do with it? And the real... Read More ➝


Contract Signed by Marie Harte

Three assassins and a…baby?

Noel “Ice” Cavanaugh’s method is foolproof. Get in, do the job, get out, melt away without a trace. Neat. Tidy. No mistakes. This time, though, something isn’t right. Two somethings. First, a random attack that feels not-so-random. Then he discovers a baby on his doorstep with a note claiming it’s his. Unfortunately, the sexy neighbor who found the boy first has too... Read More ➝

Triggerman Inc. Series NEW COVERS!

I'm so excited to share my brand new covers for the Triggerman Inc. romantic suspense series coming soon! Book one, Contract Signed, arrives March 12th! 

Three assassins and a…baby?

Noel “Ice” Cavanaugh’s method is foolproof. Get in, do the job, get out, melt away without a trace. Neat. Tidy. No mistakes. This time, though, something isn’t right.... Read More ➝

Talsons Update

Talson's Net by Marie Harte

Happy Tuesday. Updates on the Talson Temptation series for you. I had meant to broadly distribute my Talson Temptations scifi romance series as of Feb 14th. Unfortunately, I hadn't checked the block that said I was taking them off Kindle Unlimited! Gah!!!  So now I am automatically enrolled for another 3 months of having the books only at... Read More ➝

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