New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author

Storm Lords: Gale Season


Identical quadruplet princes from a magical world.
Falling in love with the women needed to save them, one element at a time.
The air of change threatens the Wind Mage…

I, Aerolus Storm, wind mage and royal prince, must find a bride to enhance my power and save my homeworld. Even though I have no interest in marriage, and even less enthusiasm for the trouble-making female destined to be mine.

The Aellei are a mischievous race steeped in deception with a fondness for games. They make poor allies and even worse enemies. My intended is no exception.

Wading through her illusions will task my skills as a mage. Earning her love will challenge my heart as a man. Destroying the evil threatening us might just cost me my soul.

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