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Collision Course

Collision Course by Marie Harte

Ace mechanic Lou Cortez has always had a way with the ladies, so he can’t understand why lovely florist Josephine “Joey” Reeves won’t give him the time of day.

Joey knows all about mistakes. After getting pregnant at fifteen, she’s spent the past nine years building a life for her and her son. This sexy mechanic is one misstep she’s not going to make. But the more time she spends with Lou, the hotter things get. Soon Joey’s left with a choice: keep things casual, or reveal all to Lou and hope he accepts her–and her son–for who they are.

Harte is astounding in her ability to write with such vivid imagery. Each scene is rich with detail, and readers will feel like they are experiencing each situation with the characters. Aside from the story, which is rich in depth and revelations, the sex scenes are thorough and might entice a shiver or two.  RT Book Reviews, 4 stars