Cover Reveal for THE ONLY THING

In May 2018, the third (and final?) book in The Donnigans series releases. I’ve been waiting for J.T. Webster’s story for years and had in fact planned him and Hope Donnigan to be the first characters to get their happily-ever-afters in The Donnigans series, but things turned out differently. Instead, you got to know Landon, the oldest/bossiest brother. Then Gavin, and now Hope. I’m so excited for this book because when I wrote JT into existence, I fell in love with him. Plus, he’s related to the awesome Websters, the owners of Webster’s Garage. 


  • Del Webster, J.T.’s sister, is now married to Mike McCauley (What to Do with a Bad Boy, McCauley Brothers book 4)
  • Del and Liam run Webster’s Garage, the backdrop for all four Body Shop Bad Boys books
  • Liam, J.T.’s dad, is in love with Sophie, the McCauleys’ aunt and Hope’s aunt as well.
  • Hope works for Cameron, her cousin, and was introduced in Cameron’s story, Ruining Mr. Perfect. 

Now check out this amazing cover, and tell me you too aren’t infatuated with J.T. Webster!

The Only Thing by Marie Harte


6 Responses to Cover Reveal for THE ONLY THING

  1. Yvette Rivera

    Love the cover. Can not wait for it

  2. Marci

    This one is going to be great!

  3. Denise

    Beautiful cover! Cannot wait to read it.

  4. Monique

    I would of pick a guy with a bunch of tattoos because he’s a tattoo artist. I think the model is very good looking. Can’t wait until may. Very excited.

  5. Tracy Meighan

    I can’t wait to J.T.’s book!
    I love, Love, LOVE this series!!!! ❤️

  6. April Garofalo

    I can’t wait for JT’story! I hope we will get Rena”s & Heller’s story and Theo’s as well. I love all of Ms. Harte’s books. My favorite is All I want for Halloween. I have been hooked since reading Test Drive.

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