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Served Hot

Served Hot by Marie Harte

Blackmailed into a prom date by the geeky but cute Dexter Black twelve years ago, Maya is happy he’s returned to town. After wine night with her best friends, she realizes that to move on with her life, she needs to get some closure on the past. Getting back at Dex is the perfect way to start.

Except the once-nerdy guy grew up. Way up. Years spent in the Marine Corps and working as a photojournalist around the world matured him not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Even better, it turned him a little mean. The guy has the audacity to blackmail her again—this time into a few dates.

Her desire to teach him a lesson pales in comparison to her desire to teach him a trick or two between the sheets.

Dex has been obsessed with Maya Werner forever. From grade school to high school and over a decade later, she haunts him. He returned to town with one goal in mind—to win the girl of his dreams. But she won’t make it easy. The headstrong woman with an artistic temperament runs hot, no two ways about it. Giving in to the passion between them will put him in the “forgettable” column, so he plays it both hot and cold, keeping her off balance while he outflanks her into a permanent yes.

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