It’s here! DELIVERED WITH A KISS releases today. The fourth and final book in the Veteran Movers series has Smith Ramsey finally falling in love…and getting to know the family he never had. But of course this is Smith, so it’s not easy.

Happy reading!

Delivered with a Kiss by Marie Harte

Smith Ramsey knows all about hard knocks. So, when his newest client gets dumped by her boyfriend, he gets her an apartment in his complex. He tries to steer clear of her, having enough troubles of his own. He’s got estranged brothers to deal with on top of learning his mother wasn’t his mother. But he can’t forget pretty Erin Briggs. And soon he’s addicted to more than her cookies…

Erin thought she’d been in love, but now independent and looking at life through clear eyes, she realizes what she felt for her ex in no way compares to what she’s feeling for the tough ex-Marine who picked her up when she was down. 

Actions speak louder than words. Smith’s kindness and gentle core lay buried under old hurts. But can he forgive and forget the past to make a future with Erin? And is she making a mistake by trusting in love for the wrong man all over again?

*and coming soon in print

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11 Responses to New Release! DELIVERED WITH A KISS

  1. Angie Cale

    When is this going to be released in print?

    • Marie Harte

      Hi Angie. Delivered with a Kiss is being formatted and should be out in print before the year’s end. I’m using a different print formatter so the print release is delayed. Thanks and happy reading!

      • Jennifer

        Will the audiobook version also be out by end of year?

        • Marie Harte

          Hi Jennifer. Probably not out by the end of the year. I’m waiting to hear back from one audio publisher, and that can take a while what with the holidays coming. But I’m hoping to get it out soonest! I will keep my newsletter and website up to date on info…

      • Charina

        Marie, I see the Christmas Sneak is due out December 10th but not up for pre-order… when will it be ready for purchase?

        • Marie Harte

          Hi Charina.

          Actually, the date has been pushed to Dec 17th. Fingers crossed it’s ready for preorder before then. LOL I’m trying to get print editions out as well and it’s put me a bit behind. The print will be available after the 17th, but the ebook will be out then. Sorry to not have a better answer…yet. I keep the website updated though. And my newsletter too.

          • Charina

            Oh good! Thank you! Looking forward to Deacon and Nicole… LOVED Any Given Snow Day… cracked me up! It’s so good! How many books are planned in the series… I know… I’m asking too many questions.,, (just age Simon some and there you go! LOL😉)

  2. Marie Harte

    Charina, I actually named the series Hope’s Turn and am leaving it open to more stories. It’s a small town and I love the idea of happy holiday romances, the holidays not limited to just Christmas. And I was thinking of bringing in more sports stars, but I’m not sure about that yet. Valentine’s Day, July 4th, Halloween, more Christmas? It’s open! (Though on my mind next is Jenna’s pretty aunt, who never did get to make Becca jealous in Any Given Snow Day…)

  3. Charina

    I like that idea, not limiting it to Christmas. I’m a fan of baseball… and baseball season coincides with the 4th of July. Just putting it out there😉

  4. Charina

    That always works. He was brought in to coach the baseball team that’s trying to get off the ground. Retired since career ending injury since would he need a second Tommy John surgery… that’s a big thing now with pitchers.

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