The Creations are Back!

I have a lot of books for which I’ve gotten my rights back. Books that have been published with other publisher and are now mine to do with whatever I will.  It’s taken me some time to decide what to do with them all. I have 26 or so from Samhain alone, 6 from Ellora’s Cave, and more from other publishers. 

But I’m happy to say that The Creations series, a scifi erotic romance series, is back! All four books are now available at major distributors. Take a look! 


In the Vrail System, life is determined by the gods and by the universe. Mankind should not Create. The Eyran War of 2845 showed as much, when Creations–beings Created by man–wiped through thousands of Eyran citizens. Though designed to serve, something went terribly wrong in their construction. The first batch had to be told to breathe. The second turned into monstrous killers with a thirst for destruction.  A thousand years later, Creations are killed on sight…unless they blend in. Unless they try to live among the rest of humanity, in plain sight.

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The Perfect Creation by Marie Harte

Creations 1

Creation's Control by Marie Harte

Creations 2

Creating Chemistry by Marie Harte

Creations 3

Caging the Beast by Marie Harte

Creations 4

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  1. Lakisha

    Hello any update on your Triggerman Inc. series?

    • Marie Harte

      Hey Lakisha.
      I’m working on it. Book 1 had so little time at Samhain, and book 2 is done. But I haven’t started book 3 yet. I need to figure out if I’m publishing it myself or subbing to another house… I’ll keep my website up to date and the newsletter filled with news as well. Not a great answer, but trust me, those books are on my TO DO list!

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