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Stepping Out

Stepping Out by Marie Harte

When deceit turns to desire…

Getting over her cheating ex was hard, but Gwen did it. She’s not about to let her cousin be bamboozled by a loser too. 

After the headache of his own cheating ex, Conlan is done cleaning up for his sleazy future brother-in-law. To save his sister heartache, he intends to teach some floozy a lesson. 

Mistaken identities heat up the animosity between them. But when the truth comes out, Conlan and Gwen find out they have much more in common than cheating exes.

But when business makes their pairing awkward, will Gwen trust in him enough to fall in love? And will Conlan take a chance on the one woman who could give him the happily ever after he only writes about?