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Willa's Wish

Release Date: February 11, 2014
Book 4 in series
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Willa's Wish

Thanks to Tyrone’s unasked for interference, his boss and friend, Rick Hastings, has finally found true love. With Rick stateside for the holidays, Ty is left to manage Satyr’s Myst, an exclusive pleasure resort where anything goes. He’s too busy to indulge in anything not business related, but Ty can’t get his mind off of Rick’s new hire, Willa Trainor.

Willa distracts him in way that makes him uneasy. More than her sinful body and alluring face, the beauty within the woman tempts him more than she should. She’s a stranger, for all that he wants her. And Ty’s been hurt before. But Willa isn’t who he thinks she is. She’s more than a sexy bombshell with a desire that matches his. She’s the woman whose childhood crush blossomed into soul deep love.

Despite Ty’s desire to leave the past in its place, Willa’s not willing to be ignored. Because when the truth comes out, Willa’s not taking no for an answer, not when she’s finally come to claim her man.

  • Release Date: February 11, 2014
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  • ASIN: B00ICZ8JP8
  • Length: Short Story

“You know I’m right. Just admit it.”

Sitting at his desk, Tyrone Bennett gritted his teeth and tried to ignore the tempting woman leaning over him. She tapped his computer monitor, the movement shifting her alluring scent so that with every inhalation, Ty breathed her in.

Trying to concentrate on anything but her, he glimpsed a note on his desk concerning the Newtons, some of the resort’s VIP guests. Another request for him. Those two were insatiable. Just another reason why he liked them.

Willa cleared her throat. As if she needed to do more than exist to have his attention.

“Don’t you have your own office?” He turned to face her, then quickly turned back, doing his level best to ignore the bountiful cleavage begging him to touch, to taste. He’d been working at the pleasure resort for five years, during which time he’d seen any and all forms of undress. So why the hell are her tiny bikini and sarong driving me insane? Taking a deep breath, he tried again. “Why are you bothering me with this?”

Willa Trainor smiled. Long, straight black hair framed a siren’s face. Her light gray eyes made him think of a feral wolf, one who would enjoy eating him whole. As usual, when thinking about Willa, the comparison turned carnal. He’d dreamed about those lips around his cock more times than he wanted to admit and tried to chalk up his prurient interest to the resort.

In Satyr’s Myst, a resort catering to sexual fantasy, anything went. Theoretically, there was absolutely no reason he shouldn’t take advantage of a fling with Willa. Only one — she hadn’t so much as hinted that she wanted him for sex. And two — she made him uneasy. Since she’d arrived on the damned island, she’d been a constant distraction. He had his hands full running the resort, now that Rick and his partners had decided to spend more time in the States. He didn’t have time to pursue a woman.

“Bothering you?” Willa repeated. “Ty, I’m wounded. I’m only here to help.”

“Yeah, well, you’re helping me to a migraine. You’re a pain in the ass,” he grumbled.

“I wish you’d be a pain in mine.”


“I said you’re a pain in mine.” She huffed at a strand of hair that swept into her eyes. “Ty, if you read the screen, you’ll see that we have two guests booked for the same room next week. The new database will fix this problem. You don’t have the date groups aligned correctly.” She leaned close again, her cheek practically brushing his. “Look.”

As she proceeded to show him how to correctly read the data, Ty could do nothing more complicated than breathe. He wanted so badly to bend Willa over the desk and fuck her until she couldn’t walk that it alarmed him. This intense attraction to a virtual stranger made no sense.

She straightened up and looked down at him. “Ty, are you listening?”

He swallowed hard. “Yeah, yeah. I get it.” He’d have Jack show him what the hell she was talking about later. “Don’t you have somewhere you’d rather be? You worked through Christmas, and New Year’s is just a few days away. I have no problem with you taking time off.”

“Nope.” Willa gave him a pleasant smile. “I’m yours for the duration.”

That’s what I’m afraid of.

Rick Hastings, his best friend and boss, had faith in him. Ty would be damned if he’d disappoint the man. For five years he’d supervised the bar staff. Now Rick counted on him to manage Satyr’s Myst. As much as he loved the opportunity, he’d been thrown a real learning curve…which wouldn’t have been such a problem if Willa wasn’t here. Rick had hired the woman to help Ty run the place. But since she’d arrived a month ago, Ty had been hard pressed to concentrate on anything but getting inside her.

If he hadn’t been so damned aware of her, he would have fucked Willa already. But he didn’t just want Willa. He craved her. Hearing her laugh warmed him from the inside out. She was generous with staff and guests, a genuine, pleasant personality. Her optimistic view of life was tempered by that sly, mischievous grin she wore. Otherwise, he’d have labeled her “perky” and put her out of his mind.

Then there was her body. Full tits, a slim waist, and curvy ass were screaming at him to take advantage. But he instinctively knew once would not be enough, and permanence wasn’t in Ty’s vocabulary. The problem was Willa messed with his control, and he didn’t like it.

“Seen enough?” Willa smirked, and he realized he’d been staring at her breasts long enough to be noticed. “It’s okay, Tyrone. If I was self-conscious about my looks, I would never have accepted a job at a resort catering to sexual fantasies.”

Ty sat back and considered her. “Really?” He continued to stare at her, and a sudden realization took him by surprise. “Then why haven’t you catered to anyone else’s fantasy? Jack was telling me you turned down several requests, and you’ve delayed your secondary training.”

She fidgeted — her first show of unease since he’d met her.


Willa licked her lips and stepped back. Then, as if realizing her vulnerability, she glared at him. “I didn’t realize I was required to fuck everyone on the island to fit in.”

That cute feistiness was back. “Not everyone, no. But when a particular guest requests you, it’s protocol to let me know if you have a problem with servicing him or her.”

“Or her?”

He grinned at her tone, amused at her annoyance. “Never done it with a woman, hmm?”


Before he could prod her further, the phone rang. He picked it up and listened for a minute. “Tell them I’ll be there in five.” He hung up and stared at Willa again. His cock had been hard the minute she’d leaned into him. He needed a break, and the Newtons had requested his presence. He liked the pair, and their VIP status entitled them to some perks.

“Tyrone?” Willa scowled at him. She crossed her arms over her chest, plumping her breasts. Those soft, round globes with hard little tips. He shifted in his seat, more than ready to please the Newtons. “I’m not sure how we got off the subject, but if you’ll take a look at the database infrastructure I set up–”

“Later.” He stood, aware he towered over her. The disparity in size made him want to surround her, to conquer and take what he wanted while everything else faded to the background. So he walked around her and headed to the door. “I have guests to see to. Leave me some notes and I’ll get on that database once I’m through.”

He left before he changed his mind and sated himself with Willa, a sure mistake. Walking with some discomfort, he focused on the pleasure soon to come. Mike and Candy Newton would be more than happy to see to his needs, and so what if he thought about Willa all the while?


Copyright © 2014 Marie Harte

All rights reserved — No Box Books publication

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