In Progress

Marie’s just signed a new contract with Sourcebooks for 5 more books, one of which is a crossover novel many have been waiting for. She’s also got several series she’s re-releasing, in addition to finishing off her Circe’s Recruits 2.0 series and a new romantic suspense series. So, in no particular order, her working schedule from the end of this year into 2020:

  • Movin’ On #4
  • CR 2.0: Elijah
  • CR 2.0: Carter
  • Triggerman Inc. #3
  • Valentine’s themed novel (for release in 2020–Rena and Heller)
  • Talsons Temptations series–re-release
  • Veteran Firefighter series (4 books) 
  • Voiders re-release
  • Dawn Endeavor re-release