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Wednesday Words: By the Tail

By the Tail

I know Cat Week doesn't start until next week (*grin*) but I thought I'd share a snippet from By the Tail to whet your appetite. Not to be confused with wet your whistle. Different "wet/whet's". Your lesson for the day. ANYHOW, on to what's really important. The brand new, never before seen excerpt...

8 More Days Until…Cat Week

By the Tail

I can't believe it! There are only 8 more days until By the Tail releases! Where the heck has the time gone? In honor of this magnificent occasion, I'm going to host Cat Week starting next Monday.

Contest #3 Winner

Congratulations to Jean (skpetal) for winning the historical prize. Thanks to everyone who entered, and look for my next contest later this week, where I'll get to the romantic suspense prize pack.

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