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What’s Old Is…New?

So I'm set to work on some new stuff, but you'll also be seeing some of my older stories coming out again with new covers. I have my rights back (or am soon getting them) for a few older stories I'm going to breathe life back into.

Another Hashtag? Really?

I find things like this hilarious, because it's showing a problem most techno-wannabes have in common, looking stupid when overdoing what they clearly don't understand. (Note I hardly ever use hashtags, as I don't see the need.) The hashtag, I thought, was supposed to be used to group like things, not to take... Read More ➝

Wednesday Words: Talson’s Test

I'm up for some fun today. I managed a paper-cut and have a Muppets Bandaid over my right index finger. (The old guys stare back at me with snark aplenty. Reference: Statler and Waldorf. And if you don't know who they are, I pity your childhood.) Needless to say, it's making typing...challenging. *grin* So time to copy and paste.... Read More ➝

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