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Contest #5 Winner

Congrats to Heather F. for winning the paranormal pack. Thanks to everyone who participated, and look to the next contest coming soon.


Wednesday Words: Jericho Junction

Up for some fun? And the more the merrier? Thought I'd throw another shifter story out there, but this one involves a female cat shifter, a bear shaman, and his adversary and reluctant partner, an athmae--demon. Lots of moving parts, but everything fits where it's supposed to. *grin*  Enjoy this excerpt from Jericho Junction. It's a little steamy--you've... Read More ➝

Impatience–Be Thy Name

I have no patience, I freely admit. It KILLS me to have to sit on anything. The reason I normally wait until closer to Christmas to buy holiday gifts, because if I purchased them now, I'd be tempted to give them early...that and I have a bad habit of forgetting where I hide them. Nothing like giving a hat... Read More ➝

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