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Facebook Peeves

Okay, is it just me, or are you too inundated with people asking to friend you? But not only do they want you to accept their "friendship," they also want you to like their page, follow their blogs, buy their books, play games with them, and join them in myriad events...

What’s Old Is…New?

So I'm set to work on some new stuff, but you'll also be seeing some of my older stories coming out again with new covers. I have my rights back (or am soon getting them) for a few older stories I'm going to breathe life back into.

Another Hashtag? Really?

I find things like this hilarious, because it's showing a problem most techno-wannabes have in common, looking stupid when overdoing what they clearly don't understand. (Note I hardly ever use hashtags, as I don't see the need.) The hashtag, I thought, was supposed to be used to group like things, not to take... Read More ➝

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